The Power of a Power Nap

GRACE KNUTSEN Being a high school student isn’t easy. From the frantic pace by which we tackle the demands of our schoolwork, to the plethora of extracurricular activities we cram into the fixed amount of free time we have outside of class each day, our responsibilities really wear us out, too often at the expense... Continue Reading →

Welcome, Class of 2022

LILY MOSHER Many reflect on the years they spent in high school as some of the best and worst years of their lives. As you enter high school, it might be a little stressful. After all, this isn’t like middle school at all. Here are five tips for incoming freshman, because becoming a high schooler... Continue Reading →

Conoce Tus Derechos Con Daca

EVELIA ZAPIEN RAMOS Por causa de la decisión de la administración del Presidente Trump, emociones y sentimientos sombríos y de rencor están presentes en varias personas. Primero y antes que todo, uno se necesita relajar. Fue una decisión asombrosa, y con ella carga bastante peso, pero no podemos actuar de manera congruente si uno no... Continue Reading →

Not Enough Sleep

ETHAN BOGGS For many students across the nation, weekday mornings are often filled with a longing for just a few more minutes in bed and a dread for the day’s activities. We often chalk this up to just another part of teenage angst, but it may be caused by a growing epidemic of chronic sleep... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side of the Post-Holiday Season

Let’s face it – saying farewell to the holiday season, including everything between Halloween and New Year’s, and coming back to school after winter break, leaves little to anticipate in the new year.  We’ve embraced our alter ego through choice of Halloween costume, survived the annual family gathering at Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner, decked the halls... Continue Reading →

The Eleventh Hour

EZRAELLE LOCHNER We are growing up in times of great trouble as individuals and as a population. Regardless of your beliefs and opinions on the presidential election or on the many other controversial matters of our daily lives, one thing is clear, we are really falling apart as a nation. The unity that we claim... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Yoga

RACHEL CONNER Are you stressed out? Is homework keeping you up late? Are you worried about your grades? Unfortunately, a good majority of students at CHS and high schools around the country would respond with an affirmative, “Yes!”. We’re now a few weeks into the school year, and many of us feel busy, tired and... Continue Reading →

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