Spring Sports Are Back!

MALI GOTTFRIED With spring just around the corner, sports teams are getting ready for their seasons to start. Lacrosse, tennis, track, and baseball are some of the most popular, and they’re excited to get going. Playing a sport can be a huge commitment. Most teams practice for two or more hours, six days a week... Continue Reading →

One Season, Two Championships for CHS

MALI GOTTFRIED It has been an outstanding season for Corvallis fall sports, with both girls volleyball and boys soccer winning the OSAA 5A State Championships. Riley Mellinger, a senior and one of the captains of the soccer team, says that winning was an indescribable feeling. “We fought so hard last year and came so close,... Continue Reading →

A New Era for Oregon State Football

MAX VALVA Many people across the country watch football. The state of Oregon doesn’t have a pro team, but it has two Division 1 college teams — the Beavers and the Ducks. Although CHS is located in the same town in which OSU plays, many students interested in sports also root for the Ducks. Both... Continue Reading →

Controversy at the US Open

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB “Code violation: verbal abuse. Game penalty, Ms. Williams.” A bold call made by the renowned umpire Carlos Ramos in the US Open championship has sparked a controversy among the tennis world. Serena Williams, who some dub the greatest athlete of all time, faced Naomi Osaka, a 20 year old up-and-comer looking to be... Continue Reading →

Tee Time

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB If you’re like most people, you click past the golf channels on TV without a second thought. Maybe you’ve hit the mini-golf course with your friends for a casual round of putt-putt. However, those who truly take the time to connect with the sport, including the 12 players on Corvallis High’s own golf... Continue Reading →

Corvallis Lacrosse

TAYLOR SILBERNAGEL Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States, and its popularity is no exception here at Corvallis High School for many student athletes. Lacrosse is a unique combination of grace, teamwork, speed, agility, skill, and historical significance. Lacrosse began as teams of 100 to 1,000 people squaring off in a symbolic... Continue Reading →

Swim Team Like No Other

TAYLOR SILBERNAGEL   While swimming is usually associated with warm summer days, the actual high school season kicks off when the temperature drops. Winter is the time when everyone heads indoors, and for these athletes, it's time to get back into the pool. Spartan swim team is known for having some of the top swimmers... Continue Reading →

Cross Country Ski Team

LILY MOSHER   “The most cardio intense sport...according to our coach”, says Evan Howe. You  may assume this is regarding track, or cross country, maybe even soccer, but you would be wrong. Howe, a senior, is a member of the Nordic Ski Team. Countless students at the high school know next to nothing about the... Continue Reading →


TAYLOR SILBERNAGEL Hoop season is upon us, and here at Corvallis High School that means business. The Spartans are known for making an impact both in league and in state when it comes to basketball. However, this upcoming season will have many new names on the roster - with both teams transformed by the losses... Continue Reading →


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