Why Eat Organic and Sustainable Produce?

HANNAH ROBINSON Summer is almost here (finally!) and that means the return of the farmers market and a plethora of fresh, homegrown fruits and veggies. The sun is out and orchards are blooming with delicate flowers and every type of fruit you could imagine. Eating sustainably is something that ideally we would all do year... Continue Reading →

Spartans at the Benton County Fair

ETHAN BOGGS Nothing can beat summer boredom quite like indulging yourself at the Benton County Fair. A hotspot for Spartans, trying all it has to offer provides teens with a great conclusion to what may have been an otherwise dull summer. No matter what you like, the fair has something for you; whether you’re an... Continue Reading →

Voodoo Doughnuts

GRACE KNUTSEN   On a brisk, sunny Saturday afternoon in October, I found myself in downtown Portland, standing at the end of a line with more than 150 other people, all of whom, including me, were waiting with the same purpose in mind – to fill a pink cardboard box full of quirkily-named, uniquely flavored... Continue Reading →


GRACE KNUTSEN Thanksgiving – it’s not just a five day weekend for students at Corvallis High School (although that’s exciting, right?). More generally, Thanksgiving is a holiday of tradition involving a gathering of relatives, a mass amount of delicious, home-cooked food (as well as pies and desserts), travel, afternoon football games on television, and yes,... Continue Reading →

Local Chai

GRACE KNUTSEN It’s a month into second semester here at Corvallis High School, and for many, life has quickly filled with test studies, essay writing, and homework deadlines. For anyone needing a mental boost to get them through the doldrums of a school project, or for students looking to get away from the books for... Continue Reading →


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