Summer Songs Throughout the Years

FORREST IRVINE It’s hard to say if whatever tune comes on the radio the most this summer will actually endure the test of time, but we can at least say that these classics made a lasting mark on pop culture history. (Note: all of the songs fell into Billboard’s top 10 highest charting songs of... Continue Reading →

Tunes for Fall

FORREST IRVINE Summer songs are a big deal in the entertainment world, where it seems like friends and entertainment news sources alike are jumping to deem songs like Cardi B’s “I Like It”, Drake’s “In My Feelings”, or Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” as the champ of summer 2018. With the idea of a... Continue Reading →

A Leap of Faith

Pictured: Hannah Singleton & Grace Barry. Picture courtesy of Hannah Singleton. BRIAN CEBRA “Hey! I didn’t sign up for this!” This is an issue that many students at CHS hope not to have when they receive their schedules at registration. Some students, when faced with this situation, decide to keep whatever class they were assigned... Continue Reading →

Concert Choir: The Returning Champions

JEREMY KING 5/12/2016 In case you weren’t already aware, the Concert Choir won the OSAA State Championships this year, their second consecutive win, directed by none other than Mrs. Patterson. All the members worked hard and dedicated time out of school for extra rehearsals, not to mention lunchtime rehearsals. Josephine Crofoot, who sang the solo... Continue Reading →

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