Miracle Worker works Miracles at Corvallis High

MALI GOTTFRIED Once again, the Corvallis School District Theater Program has put on a wonderful, touching, and magical performance. Starring Sara Schoeffler as Annie Sullivan, Emmaline Westfall/Milla Smith (split role) as Helen Keller, and Maia Gelser as Kate Keller, The Miracle Worker - taking place in the late 1800s - tells the story of how... Continue Reading →

There’s A Place For US

MALI GOTTFRIED    West Side Story is a modern day take on Romeo and Juliet, based in the streets of the upper west side New York. The musical is centered around two groups, the Jets, a white gang, led by Riff (Graice Miller), and the Sharks, a Puerto Rican gang, led by Bernardo (Aaron Lewis).... Continue Reading →

Robin Hood (to the Music of Prince)

MALI GOTTFRIED The purple lights flood the stage and the Prince music comes alive, starting the show. Tall, green trees and a light haze set the scene as the Merry Men, Robin Hood’s followers, appear, scattered around in groups, playing card games and Mad Libs. Alan A’dale (Aidan Evans) performs the first out of several... Continue Reading →

There is Such Thing as a Tesseract

KARI GOTTFRIED Meet Meg Murry. She hates her life and wishes she wasn’t so different. But over the course of two hours - meeting friends and traveling through space along the way - Meg comes to realize just how important her differences are. That is a very basic summary of the play “A Wrinkle in... Continue Reading →

CHS Drama Debuts The Crucible

CLARK SHIMEALL 11/2/2015 This November, the Corvallis High School Theater Department debuts an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible on the main stage.Written in 1953, during a period of political repression and anti-communist fervor now referred to as McCarthyism, The Crucible offers a fascinating and emotional depiction of the Salem Witch Trials. “It’s different than... Continue Reading →


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