Letters from the Editor – 2017/18

March 2018

Hi, everyone, it’s Kari again. Surprise! We hid the letter from the editor inside this month’s issue, because I thought that the article that Evelia and I wrote was more important. On that note — as much as the High-O-Scope tries to stay unbiased, what we write is ultimately up to each writer. We give our writers free reign to write about things they think are important — after all, it’s a high school paper. We aren’t trying to make headlines and break news. We’re a place for students to express themselves, gain experience writing and reporting, and hopefully bring new insight to the CHS community. We’re for the students of CHS, but we’re also by the students of CHS. If you think that the paper is being biased, or that we aren’t reporting on something that needs reporting, there’s only one thing you can do: come write for us! We’re always looking for new writers with different opinions and interests. There are so many things that go on in the school, and most of them go unnoticed by the majority of students because there is so much happening at once! The High-O-Scope strives to broaden your view a little bit more every month. Please visit us in Mr. King’s room (227) at lunch on most Fridays, or if you can’t get a hold of us there feel free to contact us at www.chshighoscope.com/about. Even though we’re more than halfway through the year, we’re always accepting new writers and new pieces, so don’t be afraid! Come join the growing High-O-Scope family (plus, you get a shirt!).


Kari Gottfried


February 2018

February has always been an interesting month for me. In terms of the calendar year, you’ve had the time to get acclimated, you’re a month in, and things are getting busy again after the holidays. For school, you’ve just finished your first semester. This past semester has been different than what I expected. Now that I’m a junior, and taking quite a few AP classes, my older friends warned me about how difficult it would be, especially to be juggling family responsibilities and extra-curriculars. That’s definitely been true. I’ve had to make some decisions, and sacrifices, and decide where to really be spending my time. Narrowing down test dates and college decisions has really began in full throttle, but I still have three semesters to go. All the things my friends told me about being an upperclassman are true to some extent, but it some ways, little has changed. I still surround myself with great friends, I take care of myself and ask for help when I need to, and most of all, I focus on what makes me happy.
We, here at the High-O-Scope hope you finished your semester strong; if you didn’t, here’s a chance to start fresh. Have a good February, and we’ll catch up again in March.

Kari Gottfried


December 2017

Wow – I can’t believe that it’s already almost the end of 2017. We’ve had a great year here at the High-O-Scope! Following the trend we started last year, we’ve been committed to our monthly six-page issues. We’ve also gotten lots of community support in the source of ads, which keeps our costs down and allows us to branch out and try new things. Our website, chshighoscope.com, is up and running, and our new website editor Mia Garza will continue to ensure that it is up to date with our latest articles. Of course, we’ll still be printing physical copies, which are always available in the High-O-Scope boxes (in the forum & library). Thanks to copy editor Mary Rogers, they are becoming more and more error-free!

Keep an eye out for our team of editors, reporters, and comic artists — easily sighted wearing our spiffy new shirts; drop by on Fridays in Mr. King’s to see how you can be part of the team! We’re currently on the hunt for some writers interested in local news, reviews (movies, music, TV), and student life.

Our staff is certainly looking forward to winter break (and our holiday party!), but don’t worry – we’ll be back again after the break. If you’re doing something interesting in the next month, contact us to be featured!

From all of us at the Scope, see you next year!

Kari Gottfried



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