CHS Introduces Chromebooks

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB A new school year means new technology, and the talk on campus is of Chromebooks. Chances are you have heard rumors about the Chromebook carts, or caught a glimpse of a student typing away on one of the new devices. The question you are most likely asking is, why did the school choose... Continue Reading →

Spartans at the Benton County Fair

ETHAN BOGGS Nothing can beat summer boredom quite like indulging yourself at the Benton County Fair. A hotspot for Spartans, trying all it has to offer provides teens with a great conclusion to what may have been an otherwise dull summer. No matter what you like, the fair has something for you; whether you’re an... Continue Reading →

Welcome, Class of 2022

LILY MOSHER Many reflect on the years they spent in high school as some of the best and worst years of their lives. As you enter high school, it might be a little stressful. After all, this isn’t like middle school at all. Here are five tips for incoming freshman, because becoming a high schooler... Continue Reading →

Tee Time

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB If you’re like most people, you click past the golf channels on TV without a second thought. Maybe you’ve hit the mini-golf course with your friends for a casual round of putt-putt. However, those who truly take the time to connect with the sport, including the 12 players on Corvallis High’s own golf... Continue Reading →

Meet Fife, the Spartan Killer Whale

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB Killer whales (orcinus orca) play a vital role in the oceans as one of earth’s top marine predators. Also one of the most social animals in the world, the intelligent whales travel in pods and communicate through underwater sounds. However, as a result of human-borne factors including pollution, live capture for aquariums and... Continue Reading →

Diogenes: Repressive Tolerance

Diogenes was a Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynic philosophy. He believed that virtue was better revealed in action rather than theory. He used his voice to criticize the social values and institutions of what he saw as a society whose values had regressed. The character of Diogenes will be used in... Continue Reading →

Science @ CHS: Plastics & Food

GRACE KNUTSEN This article, the last of a three-part series centered on consumer product awareness, briefly explores the use of plastics in our daily lives, and discusses the risks of exposure to certain plastics, specifically those containing the chemical bisphenol-A. You may read our previous articles, titled “Parabens” and “Cruelty-Free Products”, in our March and... Continue Reading →

Team 997

ETHAN BOGGS We’ve all seen it: Terminator-esque robots conquering the world, leaving a path of destruction wherever they go. With countless shows and movies portraying robots as our inevitable extinction, it’s not hard to picture. However, robots also have many benefits. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an organization that tries... Continue Reading →

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