#MeToo Movement

GRACE KNUTSEN #MeToo – it’s a social media movement and a form of social activism that’s gained momentum around the world, providing victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault a welcome environment to share their stories, find their voice, and re-gain their dignity. The #MeToo movement started innocuously enough with an October 15th Twitter comment... Continue Reading →

If you're interested in joining our team of outstanding writers, you've come to the right place. You can get in contact with us by: Visiting Mr. King's room (225) on Fridays at lunch. We meet there, but if you can't find us we either didn't have a meeting or ended early. Email chsjournalismclub@gmail.com to get... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB   New Year's Resolutions: you know all about those words that you scrawl on scrap pieces of paper on the last day of the year, but forget all about by January 3rd. You’ve seen Instagram posts featuring the popular tag #NewYearNewMe, when really the grinning person in the picture doesn’t change a bit.... Continue Reading →

Robin Hood (to the Music of Prince)

MALI GOTTFRIED The purple lights flood the stage and the Prince music comes alive, starting the show. Tall, green trees and a light haze set the scene as the Merry Men, Robin Hood’s followers, appear, scattered around in groups, playing card games and Mad Libs. Alan A’dale (Aidan Evans) performs the first out of several... Continue Reading →

What is White Elephant, Anyway?

GRACE KNUTSEN Welcome to December - a month of anticipation filled with twinkling lights; cookies and peppermint-flavored drinks; shopping adventures; and maybe even a snow day or two thrown in for good measure. As we find ourselves beginning the season of holiday cheer, there are sure to be gift exchanges planned with friends, and the... Continue Reading →

Cross Country Ski Team

LILY MOSHER   “The most cardio intense sport...according to our coach”, says Evan Howe. You  may assume this is regarding track, or cross country, maybe even soccer, but you would be wrong. Howe, a senior, is a member of the Nordic Ski Team. Countless students at the high school know next to nothing about the... Continue Reading →


TAYLOR SILBERNAGEL Hoop season is upon us, and here at Corvallis High School that means business. The Spartans are known for making an impact both in league and in state when it comes to basketball. However, this upcoming season will have many new names on the roster - with both teams transformed by the losses... Continue Reading →

Getting Familiar with Winter Holidays

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB December 26. To most, the mention of this date arouses thoughts of the post-Christmas slump: removing ornaments from the tree and discarding shrewn wrapping paper. However, the more significant meaning of this particular Tuesday, indicating the start of Kwanzaa, a weeklong holiday cherished in African American culture, is only recognized by a small... Continue Reading →


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