A New Era for Oregon State Football

MAX VALVA Many people across the country watch football. The state of Oregon doesn’t have a pro team, but it has two Division 1 college teams — the Beavers and the Ducks. Although CHS is located in the same town in which OSU plays, many students interested in sports also root for the Ducks. Both... Continue Reading →

National Pit Bull Awareness Month

MALI GOTTFRIED To some, pitbulls are thought to be vicious, bloodthirsty animals, but is this really true? According to pitbulls.org in regards to a test given to show levels of aggressiveness, “American Pit Bull Terriers passed the test at a rate of 85 percent. This is higher than Collies, Golden Retrievers, and other dogs generally... Continue Reading →

Controversy at the US Open

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB “Code violation: verbal abuse. Game penalty, Ms. Williams.” A bold call made by the renowned umpire Carlos Ramos in the US Open championship has sparked a controversy among the tennis world. Serena Williams, who some dub the greatest athlete of all time, faced Naomi Osaka, a 20 year old up-and-comer looking to be... Continue Reading →

Tunes for Fall

FORREST IRVINE Summer songs are a big deal in the entertainment world, where it seems like friends and entertainment news sources alike are jumping to deem songs like Cardi B’s “I Like It”, Drake’s “In My Feelings”, or Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” as the champ of summer 2018. With the idea of a... Continue Reading →

In Style: Vintage Denim

GRACE KNUTSEN There’s a real revolution happening right now, that of vintage denim, and it isn’t a result of tapping into the periodic #TBT look on social media. In fact, vintage denim seems to be making a real style comeback - it’s a new season for an old wardrobe staple. My love for vintage denim... Continue Reading →

The Spartan Mascot

GRACE KNUTSEN School is back in session, and with the arrival of the new school year, so too comes the arrival of school rallies, pep assemblies, and fall sporting events, including football games, volleyball matches, soccer matches, and cross-country races.  These events are the mainstay of fall. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a school sporting... Continue Reading →

Best Back to School Movies

FORREST IRVINE Even though the summer season is over, you don’t have to feel so consumed by the pressure of school that you can’t have some light entertainment while getting back into the swing of things. Here are the best movies to get you back into the school rhythm.   Catharsis “The Perks of Being... Continue Reading →

CHS Introduces Chromebooks

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB A new school year means new technology, and the talk on campus is of Chromebooks. Chances are you have heard rumors about the Chromebook carts, or caught a glimpse of a student typing away on one of the new devices. The question you are most likely asking is, why did the school choose... Continue Reading →


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