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Here is a collection of previous issues of the Scope, beginning with the first edition of the current paper from school year 2016-17*. Individual articles are all available on the website. If you find a mistake, an article that was not posted on the site, etc; please contact us.

Most recent on top.

Volume II:

Issue II: October 2017

Issue I: September 2017

Volume I: 

Issue VIII: June 2017

Issue VII: March 2017

Issue VI: February 2017

Issue V: January 2017

Issue IV: December 2016

Issue III: November 2016- not available but individual articles are on the site.

Issue II: October 2016- not available but individual articles are on the site.

Issue I: September 2016


Thanks to former CHS teacher Pat Canan, we have uncovered some papers from the 1970s-2000s. If you have any information on other issues, please contact us so they can be added to our digital archive. We titled the issues as they are titled… it’s interesting to note the different formats over time!

Volume LXXXIII No. 11

Vol. 56, No. 15 June 2, 1977


*Although the Scope has existed since 1919, there have been several years where no issues were published. For the sake of clarity, we have decided to start fresh, beginning with the year 2015-16 when the current paper was re-started. Starting in September of 2016, the Scope has consistently published one issue per month.
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