2018 Pop Culture in Review

GRACE KNUTSEN As we welcome 2019, it seems appropriate to reflect upon the significant pop culture events of 2018 that highlighted our year. By definition, pop culture is associated with mainstream media commonly accessible to the public. It influences the lifestyle of the masses through sources such as television and film, the internet, social media,... Continue Reading →

May Celebrations

ELENA IRISH In some countries, May is known as the month when the sun comes out, flowers start blooming, and summer begins to seem like more than a fleeting memory. Obviously that isn't always the case here in Corvallis, but there are plenty of other reasons to celebrate during the fifth month of 2018. School... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB   New Year's Resolutions: you know all about those words that you scrawl on scrap pieces of paper on the last day of the year, but forget all about by January 3rd. You’ve seen Instagram posts featuring the popular tag #NewYearNewMe, when really the grinning person in the picture doesn’t change a bit.... Continue Reading →


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