Miracle Worker works Miracles at Corvallis High

MALI GOTTFRIED Once again, the Corvallis School District Theater Program has put on a wonderful, touching, and magical performance. Starring Sara Schoeffler as Annie Sullivan, Emmaline Westfall/Milla Smith (split role) as Helen Keller, and Maia Gelser as Kate Keller, The Miracle Worker - taking place in the late 1800s - tells the story of how... Continue Reading →

Lead Update

Photo taken by Kari Gottfried. Please give credit.  This summer, the Corvallis School District sent out several notices about elevated lead levels in certain schools. However, CHS has dodged this blow (mostly). According to the Corvallis School District website, out of the 97 water fixtures tested at CHS, there were 5 with elevated levels of... Continue Reading →


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