Best Halloween Movies

FORREST IRVINE This Halloween, keep up the spooky vibes with some classic scary pics for your movie night, and maybe even some unexpected ones. “Beetlejuice” Less scary, more charming, this total classic from the dark fantasy king Tim Burton is immediate in its quirkiness, bold originality, and unforgettable visual style, with Michael Keaton killing the... Continue Reading →

Tunes for Fall

FORREST IRVINE Summer songs are a big deal in the entertainment world, where it seems like friends and entertainment news sources alike are jumping to deem songs like Cardi B’s “I Like It”, Drake’s “In My Feelings”, or Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” as the champ of summer 2018. With the idea of a... Continue Reading →

Best Back to School Movies

FORREST IRVINE Even though the summer season is over, you don’t have to feel so consumed by the pressure of school that you can’t have some light entertainment while getting back into the swing of things. Here are the best movies to get you back into the school rhythm.   Catharsis “The Perks of Being... Continue Reading →

Students’ Favorite Albums

FORREST IRVINE Disclaimer: These are student’s personal picks; we don’t endorse you listening to explicit material without previous discretion.   Cy Taylor “2014 Forest Hills Drive”- J. Cole Fave song: “W*t Dr**mz” “The White Album”- Weezer Fave song: “Jacked Up” “AmeriKKKan Korruption”- Capital Steez Fave song: “Dead Prez”   Brianna Brady “Flower Boy”- Tyler, the... Continue Reading →

My Personal 15 Favorite Albums  

Forrest Irvine   “To Pimp a Butterfly”- Kendrick Lamar Political rap at its most devastating. Fave song: “I”, Underrated: “Mortal Man” “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”- Kanye West Elevated Kanye from rapper to rockstar with cinematic force. Fave song: “Power”, Underrated: “Lost in the World” “The Joshua Tree”- U2 Redefined rock by taking from unconventional... Continue Reading →

The Shape of Water

FORREST IRVINE Guillermo Del Toro’s modern classic The Shape of Water is the most recent recipient of the Academy Award for Best Picture. This is a triumph for genre filmmaking, as only one other fantasy film, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, has won Best Picture in the past. This win... Continue Reading →

Wakanda Forever

FORREST IRVINE   Like last year’s Wonder Woman, Black Panther is a landmark of cultural representation in superhero movies and, luckily, a darn good movie as well. The run time is fueled by the same cool yet intentionally emotionally frenetic approach to scenes and characters that made director Ryan Coogler’s previous film, Creed, stand out... Continue Reading →

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