Throwback Thursdays

GRACE KNUTSEN Who doesn’t love scrolling through their Instagram feed on Thursday mornings, getting a weekly dose of the most popular hashtag game ever, the alliterative ditty otherwise known as #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT)? What makes the #ThrowbackThursday trend so popular, anyway? Is it the sentiment-induced feelings of social connectedness we create in our ever-advancing digital world?... Continue Reading →

What to Look for in the Midterm Elections

GRACE KNUTSEN The United States midterm elections are an opportunity for Americans to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the administration’s political landscape, and are held during the middle of a president’s term. This year, they will take place on Tuesday, November 6th. During midterm elections, all 435 seats of the United States House of... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Power Nap

GRACE KNUTSEN Being a high school student isn’t easy. From the frantic pace by which we tackle the demands of our schoolwork, to the plethora of extracurricular activities we cram into the fixed amount of free time we have outside of class each day, our responsibilities really wear us out, too often at the expense... Continue Reading →

In Style: Vintage Denim

GRACE KNUTSEN There’s a real revolution happening right now, that of vintage denim, and it isn’t a result of tapping into the periodic #TBT look on social media. In fact, vintage denim seems to be making a real style comeback - it’s a new season for an old wardrobe staple. My love for vintage denim... Continue Reading →

The Spartan Mascot

GRACE KNUTSEN School is back in session, and with the arrival of the new school year, so too comes the arrival of school rallies, pep assemblies, and fall sporting events, including football games, volleyball matches, soccer matches, and cross-country races.  These events are the mainstay of fall. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a school sporting... Continue Reading →

Science @ CHS: Plastics & Food

GRACE KNUTSEN This article, the last of a three-part series centered on consumer product awareness, briefly explores the use of plastics in our daily lives, and discusses the risks of exposure to certain plastics, specifically those containing the chemical bisphenol-A. You may read our previous articles, titled “Parabens” and “Cruelty-Free Products”, in our March and... Continue Reading →

A Movement for Rosa

GRACE KNUTSEN This year, Corvallis High School Wind Ensemble class has taken up the task of paying tribute to the Civil Rights Movement by selecting the musical piece, A Movement for Rosa, to showcase at the upcoming OSAA 5A Band State performance, scheduled May 11th at the Oregon State University LaSells Stewart Center. Composed in... Continue Reading →

Science @ CHS: Cruelty Free Products

GRACE KNUTSEN This article, the second in a three part series centered on general consumer product awareness, briefly explores animal cruelty in cosmetics and the personal care industry, and discusses how to identify whether a product is accurately labeled “cruelty-free”. You may read the first article, titled “Parabens”, in the February 2018 edition of The... Continue Reading →

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