A Movement for Rosa

GRACE KNUTSEN This year, Corvallis High School Wind Ensemble class has taken up the task of paying tribute to the Civil Rights Movement by selecting the musical piece, A Movement for Rosa, to showcase at the upcoming OSAA 5A Band State performance, scheduled May 11th at the Oregon State University LaSells Stewart Center. Composed in... Continue Reading →

Science @ CHS: Cruelty Free Products

GRACE KNUTSEN This article, the second in a three part series centered on general consumer product awareness, briefly explores animal cruelty in cosmetics and the personal care industry, and discusses how to identify whether a product is accurately labeled “cruelty-free”. You may read the first article, titled “Parabens”, in the February 2018 edition of The... Continue Reading →

Science at CHS – Parabens

GRACE KNUTSEN   This article, the first in a three part series regarding general consumer product awareness, explores the potential health risks associated with parabens in the cosmetics and personal care industry. These days, “paraben-free” is a popular consumer-marketing trend, and specifically, it’s created a lot of noise in the beauty product industry.  As consumers,... Continue Reading →

Be Present

GRACE KNUTSEN   Have you ever been given a piece of advice that resounds within you, one you come back to and ponder again and again? The kind of advice that catches you off guard as you go through your day-to-day motions, with subtle hints of its existence popping up unexpectedly when you aren’t looking?... Continue Reading →

#MeToo Movement

GRACE KNUTSEN #MeToo – it’s a social media movement and a form of social activism that’s gained momentum around the world, providing victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault a welcome environment to share their stories, find their voice, and re-gain their dignity. The #MeToo movement started innocuously enough with an October 15th Twitter comment... Continue Reading →

What is White Elephant, Anyway?

GRACE KNUTSEN Welcome to December - a month of anticipation filled with twinkling lights; cookies and peppermint-flavored drinks; shopping adventures; and maybe even a snow day or two thrown in for good measure. As we find ourselves beginning the season of holiday cheer, there are sure to be gift exchanges planned with friends, and the... Continue Reading →

Corvallis Mural Project

GRACE KNUTSEN The creative spirit of Corvallis is alive and well, thanks to the Corvallis Mural Project, an ongoing public art project sponsored by the Downtown Corvallis Association and local businesses. The city center beautification project started in September 2016 with the goal of making art accessible to the public, is transforming empty city walls... Continue Reading →

Original Piece: From Despair, Hope

This piece is an exclusive part of the CHS High-O-Scope online experience. For more, please subscribe.  GRACE KNUTSEN As the 2016-17 school year comes to a close, I would like to take a moment to reflect on what I believe has been a critical moment in my life and the lives of fellow students at... Continue Reading →

Local Chai

GRACE KNUTSEN It’s a month into second semester here at Corvallis High School, and for many, life has quickly filled with test studies, essay writing, and homework deadlines. For anyone needing a mental boost to get them through the doldrums of a school project, or for students looking to get away from the books for... Continue Reading →


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