Movies for Winter

FORREST IRVINE With winter just around the corner, it’s time to visit and revisit some holiday classics as well as some unexpected recommendations from your resident movie guy! “Elf” In the spirit of Christmas movies past, this lighthearted romp not only has all the great Will Ferrell gags you’ve come to expect by now, but... Continue Reading →

What is White Elephant, Anyway?

GRACE KNUTSEN Welcome to December - a month of anticipation filled with twinkling lights; cookies and peppermint-flavored drinks; shopping adventures; and maybe even a snow day or two thrown in for good measure. As we find ourselves beginning the season of holiday cheer, there are sure to be gift exchanges planned with friends, and the... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side of the Post-Holiday Season

Let’s face it – saying farewell to the holiday season, including everything between Halloween and New Year’s, and coming back to school after winter break, leaves little to anticipate in the new year.  We’ve embraced our alter ego through choice of Halloween costume, survived the annual family gathering at Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner, decked the halls... Continue Reading →

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