Breathalyzers at Winter Formal

JOURNEY LIPSCOMB Many students at CHS were appalled by the announcement that students would be breathalyzed at random upon entering Winter Formal. After reports of unsafe behavior at Crescent Valley’s Homecoming, administration reached the decision to have breathalyzers at the combined dance in January. This declaration triggered a plethora of complaints and arguments amongst the... Continue Reading →

Welcome, Class of 2022

LILY MOSHER Many reflect on the years they spent in high school as some of the best and worst years of their lives. As you enter high school, it might be a little stressful. After all, this isn’t like middle school at all. Here are five tips for incoming freshman, because becoming a high schooler... Continue Reading →

Winter Formal

LILY MOSHER Who wants to be in a room with a bunch of sweaty high school students listening to music you got sick of a month ago? Interestingly enough, lots of people. Every year CHS students put on fancy dresses and nice shirts to go sweat it out with a bunch of people they hate.... Continue Reading →

Cross Country Ski Team

LILY MOSHER   “The most cardio intense sport...according to our coach”, says Evan Howe. You  may assume this is regarding track, or cross country, maybe even soccer, but you would be wrong. Howe, a senior, is a member of the Nordic Ski Team. Countless students at the high school know next to nothing about the... Continue Reading →

2017 Volleyball Recap

LILY MOSHER This year’s CHS Varsity volleyball team is killing it. Despite the fact that the roster only includes two seniors, the group managed to pull off many wins. Last year, there were seven seniors on the team that graduated. Ryann Gregg, a Sophomore, who has played on the varsity team since her Freshman year,... Continue Reading →

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