Vagina smells like vinagar

And it seems to us like all that flowery sunshine is another example of the world getting vaginas all wrong. Just take a quick trip to your local drugstore. Like douching. Widely acknowledged by the medical community as harmful to the natural balance of vaginal flora, this common tool that cleans the vagina might actually cause bacterial vaginosis instead. The truth is, your vagina is home to billions of bacteria. And the precise makeup of this bacteria changes on a daily — sometimes hourly — basis.

Molasses to Pennies: All the Smells a Healthy Vagina Can Be

Why Does My Vagina Smell? A Guide To 5 Common Vaginal Odors | Teen Vogue

Every vagina has its own odor. Most women describe it as a musky or slightly sour smell, which are both normal. While most vaginal odors are caused by bacteria, sometimes your urine can also affect the smell. Keep reading to learn what might be causing it and how you can manage it. Your liver is responsible for breaking down proteins. Ammonia, which is toxic, is a result of this process. Before leaving your liver, ammonia is broken down into urea, which is far less toxic.

Vagina or discharge smells like onions: What to do

While vaginas all smell slightly different, the scent is usually mild and natural. A strong and unpleasant smell, such as an onion smell, can signify infection or another health problem. The body naturally produces a discharge that keeps the vagina healthy and free of harmful bacteria and irritants. However, it is vital that people take care to clean the area surrounding the opening to the vagina, known as the vulva.
Changes in the smell of your vaginal discharge is potentially normal, but it also might be a sign of an infection. Discharge is needed for the vagina to flush out bacteria and maintain the correct Ph balance, and like other body fluids, like urine or sweat the odor can change based on what you eat or drink. Typically if that is the cause, it would be temporary, and not a consistent smell for a long period of time.
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