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We are proud to announce the resurrection of Corvallis High School’s student-run school newspaper! It has been printed on a monthly basis in the first week of each month for a year now and more and more people are reading it. Now is the time to reach out: support local journalism while promoting your business- it couldn’t be easier!

We have been running ads in the physical copies of our paper since July 2017, but don’t worry, it’s not too late to become a sponsor! If you are interested in buying an ad, please email us right away! If you don’t have a business to promote but still want to help us out, till consider becoming a sponsor of the paper. Your name will be listed in the paper as a thank you, or you can donate anonymously.

Payments should be made payable to Corvallis High School (memo: High-O-Scope). Please see this page for more information. Thank you sincerely for your contribution to the continued success of the CHS newspaper.

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